In these uncertain times, it can feel overwhelming to think about the future. If you’ve been struggling to come to terms with not knowing what lies ahead, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Accept it

Accepting that uncertainty is a natural part of life can be difficult. After all, none of us want to feel like we don’t know what’s waiting for us. While it’s important to prepare for future events when you can, it’s just as important to accept the fact that sometimes, you can’t predict what tomorrow will bring. Accepting this will relieve you from a lot of pressure and help you see things differently.

Believe in yourself

Uncertainty about the future can make you worry because you aren’t sure what life will throw at you. However, you’re much stronger than you realise - just think of all the hardships you’ve overcome in the past. You should believe in yourself, and know that whatever happens in the future is something you’ll be able to overcome by adapting and figuring it out. Some bridges can only be crossed once you get to them, so believe that you’ll have the strength to do this - because you do.

Write down your fears

What is the worst-case scenario that you get anxious about when thinking of the future? Write this scenario down, then write down the steps you would take to overcome it. Writing down these worries makes them seem far less intimidating, and doing this exercise will relieve your worries by showing you that even the worst-case scenario (which will probably never happen) is something you can overcome. Once you’ve written these fears down, you can burn the paper, rip it up or otherwise “let go” of it in some way. When you do this, take a deep breath in, exhale and let those worries go.

Create structure

Creating a structured life through a daily routine or even just organising your time better, will make you feel more confident and bring a sense of stability to your life. While you may not be able to control what goes on in the outside world, nothing is stopping you from making your life better and more comfortable. There are many ways to make your days feel more structured, but you can start off by incorporating soothing techniques which will calm your mind, getting enough sleep and keeping a diary for yourself.

Uncertainty is part of what makes life interesting, and unexpected challenges help you grow and discover your inner strength. Embrace the randomness of life and remember to believe in yourself, always. If you’re ever feeling anxious about the future and need to chat, you can message us on Ask CellCgirl - it’s 100% private and completely free.

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