We’ve all heard and read all sorts of phrases about how difficult ‘adulting’ is, but if we’re honest, it’s not just adulting- it’s really just life in general. Sometimes, we find ourselves questioning if we’re doing this life thing right. If you’re in this headspace at the moment, here are 5 signs that show you’re on the right track.

You’ve stopped comparing yourself to your peers

The moment you get to a point where you stop comparing yourself to your peers, you’re doing something right in your life. And even though good pressure exists, you really don’t have to use your peers’ individual journeys to be super hard on yourself. That’s unhealthy stress that you really don’t need.

You don’t engage in risky behaviour as an escape

We all have moments when we feel stressed out and uninspired. Understanding that using harmful substances or making irresponsible choices as an escape isn’t the solution proves that you’re on the right track. Instead, you’re finding new hobbies that make you feel good and improve your personal development.

You no longer settle

Settling for toxic relationships or workplaces and even picking subjects you dislike to make others happy, are all forms of settling and even though it’s not always easy and change isn’t always immediate, you’re on the right track if you realise that you no longer want to settle for situations that don’t bring you joy. Finding things that make you happy will take time, planning and patience, but you’ll get there eventually.

You’re starting to accept yourself

Self-discovery and acceptance is a never-ending journey. As people, we grow and evolve constantly. Understanding yourself isn’t necessarily about getting it right all the time. It’s more about knowing what you like or dislike, knowing what you can and can’t tolerate and having boundaries that you’re not willing to compromise on for the comfort of others. It’s also about accepting who you are and being okay with it.

You take accountability

At times, we hurt people just as much as they can hurt us and it’s important to be able to take accountability for those instances. Taking accountability isn’t about holding on to guilt, it’s more about accepting that you’ve done wrong and being able to own it, apologise and take whatever reaction or consequence that comes after.

CellCgirls are constantly growing, setting goals and shaping their futures and we love to see it! It may not always feel like you’re winning in life, but if you’ve got even one of these 5 things going for you, then you know you’re on the right track. Keep going!

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