One of the most fun ways to boost your confidence is to put on a powerful anthem. Here are 5 songs by 5 fierce women, that are guaranteed to make you feel like an absolute boss.

Diva- Beyoncé

“Tell me somethin’- where yo boss at? Where my ladies up in here that like to talk back?”

Beyoncé’s Diva is an anthem for outspoken, independent women everywhere. Whatever your hustle is, you can count on this track to get you feeling motivated to achieve your goals unapologetically. And if anyone tries to insult you by calling you “bossy” or a “diva”, just own it the way Beyoncé does.

Sampa The Great - Energy (feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi)

“Intuition and ambition running through my veins. Pour up the love let the healing begin.”

Being a boss isn’t just about the power you show to the world- it actually starts with healing from past trauma, shame and anything else that’s holding you back. In Energy, Sampa The Great and Nadeem Din-Gabisi deliver the message of feminine strength, and encourage you, the listener, to harness your own energy and step into your power.

Bad Girls by M.I.A.

“When I get to where I'm going, gonna have you trembling.”

M.I.A is an outspoken activist in her own life, and her hit song Bad Girls represents the power that girls who challenge the norm have. Sometimes, in order to change things for the better you have to shake things up. Whatever expectations you may feel because of your gender, know that they don’t have to limit or define you.

Q.U.E.E.N by Janelle Monáe ft. Erykah Badu

"You can take my wings but I'm still gonna fly.”

In Q.U.E.E.N, Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu serve up a healthy dose of girl power to a beat that you can’t help but move your body to. Being confident is all about not being afraid of what others say or think about you. Owning what makes you unique and harnessing your power will make you shine, just like Janelle and Erykah do.

I Owe You Nothing by Seinabo Sey

“I don't have to walk for you, I don't have to talk to you. See, I'm not on display- never was, never will ever be for you.”

In life, you’ll sometimes have to face people who want to control you, or dictate how you should live your life. It can sometimes be difficult to stand up for yourself in these situations, but I Owe You Nothing by Seinabo Sey is a pretty great example of the words you can say (or even just think about) in order to re-claim your throne.

Stepping into your power takes time, patience and belief in yourself. So, on the days that you’re feeling a little bit insecure, you now know a few songs that’ll lift you up again. What’s your boss anthem? Share it with the CellCgirl #sisterhood on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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