Your natural features make you who you are. Loving and embracing yourself with all your flaws (which is something we all have), is very important. Here are a few reasons why you should love your natural features


Your natural features are the features that you were born with. This could be anything from your hair to your body, or even the way you talk. These things play a huge role in your daily life and help you do the simplest things, like walking, keeping warm etc, to the fulfilling life’s more complex demands. Instead of focusing on all your flaws, choose to thank your body for everything it does for you.


We’re all different. Yes, there are probably people who resemble you, they’ll never be you. Your features are part of what makes you an individual - unique to everyone else and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Our natural features often represent who we are, our culture and history. There’s always a sense of pride in being a part of something that’s bigger than you - like your family, ethnicity or even clan. You have every right to celebrate this and what it means to you.

Inspire others

You loving your features, no matter how different they may be, can inspire those around you to love their own. It’s possible to teach people self-love without even knowing it. How you embrace yourself and all your flaws is bound to rub off on someone you meet.


While it’s great to hear people around tell us that we matter and that we’re beautiful, what matters most is being able to do that for ourselves. Embracing who you are helps you do just that, which is why it’s so important to accept your features and learn to love them.

One thing we all struggle to do but need to always work towards, is being comfortable in our own skin. Remember that beauty is about more than just being physically appealing- who you are on the inside counts for much more. It’s also important to note that loving yourself and embracing your features doesn’t limit you from using makeup or changing up your hair - this is your body and as long as you’re taking care of it, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of versatility.

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