Diaries may seem self-explanatory but the truth is that sometimes, keeping one can make us more disorganised rather than less. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this situation. Here’s how to get organised and ready for the year by keeping a diary like a pro.

Be consistent

The trick to using a diary well is to use it every single day. There’s no use keeping a diary for a few weeks and then giving up. Add diarising to your daily routine, either in the morning or the evening (to plan out your next day).

Make it your companion

Make it a habit to pack your diary in your bag, whenever you’re going anywhere you may need it. This will help you make sure you’re staying on track with your daily tasks. When picking a diary for the year, consider the size- will you be carrying it around and if so, can it fit into your bag?

Segment different sections

Creating different sections in your diary is important, because this will help you keep things organised. Your sections can be your different subjects, or different areas of your life you’re diarising (such as school, hobby and health). You can make segmenting these more fun by using different coloured pens or post-it notes. Once you’ve chosen a particular look and feel for each section, stick to it throughout the year.

Less is more

Writing down too much information in your diary can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Rather, keep your diarising simple by using keywords, short descriptions, little symbols and bullet points.

Also, feel free to decorate your diary, but be mindful of adding too many decorations. Leave enough breathing room so your writing is easy to read and your pages don’t look too busy.

Make it work (for you)

Everyone is different, and no two diaries can be the same. That’s why it’s important to find the best layout and size for you. If you can’t find a diary at the shops that has the vibe you’re going for, consider getting creative and make your own simple diary or Bullet Journal in a plain notebook.

There you have it- now you officially know the tips and tricks of keeping a diary! Remember that diarising your tasks, events and daily to-do lists will help you stay on track, in school as well as in life. Happy diarising!

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