Why using the block button is good for your inner peace

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Social media is a great way to network, keep in touch with friends and make new ones, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s also a space that can be unbelievably toxic for your mental health. That’s why using the ‘Block’ feature can give you more peace. Read this to find out more.

Your peace matters

If you have people on your social media platforms who disturb your peace in the form of cyber bullying, harassment of any kind or you simply don’t like them for your own personal reasons, you shouldn’t feel bad about blocking them. If not seeing posts or having any kind of interactions with these people makes you feel better, then the block button is definitely worth using.


Toxicity means being poisonous, and if you’re on social media, you know exactly how poisonous people can be. It’s important to ask yourself if you want to stoop to the level of all those toxic people by indulging them and getting angry over all the horrible things they have to say, or if you would much rather block them. Toxicity is a good enough reason to hit the block button without remorse.

Walking away

Blocking may sound a little bit aggressive or even mean, but it’s really no different from walking away from people and things that don’t bring you happiness. The only real difference is that it’s on social media. There’s really nothing wrong with removing yourself from situations that make you unhappy, in fact, it’s advisable that you do. Your peace of mind matters and your mental state should be at the top of your priority list. Plus, you really don’t want to spend hours fighting and proving yourself to people who don’t even know you.

Filter the noise

Sometimes we have different things happening in our personal lives, and so we look to social media to make us laugh or forget about them, even if it’s for one second. That’s perfectly normal, but sometimes social media trolls can really impose on those feelings without them even realising it. For example, if you’ve been a victim of racism or gender based violence, it can be difficult to stomach victim blamers and perpetrator apologists. And it can take a toll on your mental health, so what better way to filter that unnecessary noise than to block?

You didn’t lose

Social media trolls and bullies will always think that they’ve won, even when you’ve blocked them. But to be honest, the real winners are the ones who are able to walk away without proving a point. So rest assured that using the block button doesn’t make you a loser. It actually makes you a self-respecting human being who’d much rather preserve your peace than be seen going back and forth with people who are only there to drag you.

You’re human so it’s fine to have reactions to certain things, but remember that your peace and mental health are more important than proving a point or being afraid to be vilified. Your social media platforms give you the freedom to do what you want, and that includes blocking people who make your life unpleasant. Don’t feel bad for blocking people, because that’s a big part of self-care. Don’t forget to get in touch on social media Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know how you maintain your peace online.

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