5 women who are improving the lives of other women in SA

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This Women’s Month, it’s important that we highlight women who are doing great things in the world, but more than that, women who are empowering other women to be the best versions of themselves. Take a look at these 5 inspiring women who are making a difference in the lives of other women.

Mogau Seshoene

Mogau Seshoene is best known for her company, The Lazy Makoti, which helps women improve their kitchen skills and sells kitchen accessories created by local entrepreneurs. This is a great way to upskill women and help them become independent. Some women even use a lot of what they learn from the classes offered by The Lazy Makoti to start and facilitate classes of their own.

Mpho MacChambers

Mpho MacChambers is the founder of VIRYA and SheCan! which she established to help women and girls living with disabilities and assist in finding them jobs. Her initiatives have been great in empowering women with disabilities and giving them the financial independence that they deserve.

Chi Achebe

Chi Achebe is the creator of ResSpot, an online communication portal that helps connect domestic workers with clients in their own areas. This is a great way to save them from long travels to and from work. Chi’s innovation and creativity are a great mesh of practicality and thoughtfulness.

Yolanda Mpilo

For thousands of new moms out there, mother and child care are extremely important and Yolanda Mpilo, a professional nurse from Limpopo, realised this. Because of her dissatisfaction with the quality of healthcare that low income mothers and their little ones were receiving, she took it upon herself to start Mother & Child Clinic, which offers affordable, quality care to mothers and children in Limpopo.

Ramona Kasavan

Being a woman comes with many challenges, and menstruation is one of them. Ramona Kasavan, like many women, was unsettled by the fact that there were (and still are) South African girls who miss school because they can’t afford sanitary pads. She decided to start Happy Days, a company that provides quality and cost-effective pads to those who need them the most. Happy Days also aims to create jobs for young unemployed girls by getting them involved in the company’s direct selling model.

These women have clearly proved that there are many ways to change the lives of women for the better. You can also improve the lives of the women in your community by starting your own initiative, and no matter how small you start, helping one woman at a time still makes a world of difference.

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