The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everyone’s lives upside down. We’ve all had to make changes and adjustments to our lives, and the truth is that for some people, the transition has been very difficult and they’ve taken a lot of strain. But that’s where you come in. There are ways you can help improve the lives of others during this time. Here’s how.

Food parcels

If you can afford to contribute to food parcels for struggling families, that would really change the lives of some people. You can also get those close to you involved by splitting the costs for this act of kindness, or better yet, getting a reliable sponsor that has communicated an interest in getting involved in some kind of community outreach. There are companies that are currently looking to help, so that’s definitely something worth exploring.

Shout-out essential workers

You can put aside a day if you’re not busy to send your love and appreciation to essential workers in your community. This doesn’t have to cost you a cent. You can write short messages on little note cards and take them with you, giving them out to the essential workers in your community just to brighten up their day. You can also post a kind message on social media and community groups where you know they’ll see it.

Support local charities

We all know of local charities in and around the areas we live in. Showing your support can be any-thing from helping with food deliveries, providing transport to charities to help others or simply spreading the word about these charities on social media.

Support local business

Not everyone can afford to spend money right now, and we get it. But if you can afford to make small purchases from small businesses in your community, you should. You can also spread the word about these small businesses because there could be someone out there who’s interested in the products or services that they’re offering. Remember that even small purchases make a differ-ence.

Show love to those around you

We all have a different mindset today compared to the one we had before the COVID-19 outbreak. Showing people love and kindness during this time can go a long way. You could save a life without even realising it. We understand that you can’t give hugs and physical show affection, but you can give out compliments, send sweet texts and initiate phone calls to make others smile.

Small gestures of kindness are very necessary right now. People are facing different struggles, and due to lockdown regulations, there’s no escape. So if extending a helping hand improves someone’s day, or even someone’s life, it’s definitely worth doing. Get in touch with us on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you’ve been doing to help others.

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