5 incredible women who are leading the fight for gender equality

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Women’s Day may have come and gone, but it’s still Women’s Month so it’s only right to celebrate some of the women who are making a change in the world today. Here are 5 inspirational women who are leading the fight against gender inequality.

Lola Omolola

Lola is former Nigerian journalist who started a Facebook group, Female in Nigeria- now known simply as Female IN to accommodate all 1.7 women around the world (and counting). The purpose of the group is to put emphasis on some of the issues faced by women around the world, while acting as a safe social haven for women to share their abuse, gender inequality and gender based violence stories fearlessly. This is the perfect space to give women a voice and have them support each other.

Chmba Ellen Chilemba

Another woman who’s doing amazing work with fighting gender inequality and standing up for women is Chmba Ellen Chilemba, the Founder and Executive Director of Tiwale. Chmba’s youth organisation, which she started at the age of 17 years old, focuses on supporting Malawian girls and women, and aims to end the vicious cycle of child marriage through economic and educational opportunities.

Fridah Githuku

GROOTS Kenya’s an amazing network of women self-help groups started by Fridah Githuku to give women visibility and decision-making power in their communities. The purpose of the initiative is to provide grassroots women with the power and support that they need to make informed decisions about issues that directly affect them, such as land ownership and other community-based changes.

Yvonne Mokgoro

Yvonne Mokgoro, South Africa’s first black female judge and a retired justice of the Constitutional Court, is an advocate for gender equality. Her fight to make sure the rights of women in South Africa are recognised, is one that doesn’t go unnoticed. Through her intervention for social justice, gender equality and economic freedom for women, she continues to inspire women to write their own stories and stand up against oppressive patriarchy.

Taban Shoresh

As an aid worker and women’s rights activist, Taban started an organisation, The Lotus Flower, which makes it a point to touch on issues around gender-based violence and genocide. Taban helps women and girls who’ve been affected by these social issues by providing them with a safe space where they can get support to speak up. As a survivor of abuse herself, she aims to help women rebuild their lives by providing them with the necessary tools to become financially independent and open to learning new skills that’ll provide them with economic freedom to walk away from their toxic situations.

Gender inequality is more than just a women’s issue. It’s a collective issue that lies at the forefront of many social injustices that many people are fighting against. You too can become an activist of gender inequality by simply using your voice to speak up about social injustices, or by following or starting your own initiatives. If you know of any other inspiring women who are leading the gender equality fight, share them with us on social media- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope you’re also inspired to make a change.

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