There’s no denying that the world has changed a lot since our parents were in varsity, so is having a tertiary education really that useful today? While getting a tertiary education may not be everyone’s path, it’s still very empowering for millions of young people - here’s why.


Employability refers to how likely you are to be hired as a young professional. Having a tertiary qualification continues to be a big advantage when applying for work in most fields today. Even for jobs where having a degree isn’t compulsory, a tertiary qualification is still advantageous and boosts your chances of getting hired.

Higher pay

While work experience is what usually determines your wage, having a tertiary education under your belt helps you when negotiating higher pay. In a lot of industries, graduates are considered more knowledgeable and worthy of a higher wage.


Attending a tertiary institution helps you network and create valuable connections, which can open doors for you, even years after you’ve graduated. These valuable connections could be fellow students and alumni, lecturers, tutors and other faculty members.


Good tertiary institutions update their curriculum according to current and predicted trends. So, while going to varsity may seem like an outdated idea, keep in mind that varsities adapt over time, and many offer valuable opportunities to develop necessary professional skills. Here are just a few ways tertiary students can build their professional skills.


Although many things have changed in the education and working world, having a diploma, certificate or degree carries a certain level of prestige. We’re not talking about how fancy or expensive the institution you attended was. When we say prestige, we mean that once you graduate, your qualification becomes a symbol of your hard work, perseverance and passion.

While all of these reasons are great, it’s good to remember that the value of your qualification depends on many factors, such as the industry you’re going into and your own efforts above and beyond just attaining it. It’s up to you to do your research and decide what the best path is for yourself.

Getting a tertiary education is valuable in many ways, that’s why we’re here to support you every step of the way. Be sure to check out our Varsity articles, which are full of useful resources and advice. Also, don’t forget that AskCellCgirl is a free way for you to get private help and support with your studies, life questions or anything else.

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