Socialising while social distancing may not feel the same as being out and about, but there are ways to socialise with your loved ones without being with them in the same space. Here are some things you can do to help your social life survive.

Social media

You can use social media to communicate with your circle by sending messages back and forth to check up on each other and to make plans for the future. You can also get in on social media challenges as a group. These will make you feel like you’re doing something collectively in real time, even though you’re not in the same space.

Video calls

Thanks to technology, you can have dinner parties and game nights by using apps with video call functionalities like WhatsApp, Houseparty or even Skype. This way you can actually see your friends and family and interact the same way you would on the outside world. You can even spice it up a little and dress up, set up your spaces to create the kind of vibe you’re going for and invite other people - the more the merrier.

Phone calls

This may seem like a really old school way of doing things but it’s definitely going to help keep relationships afloat during this time. Any form of communication is good. And sometimes it’s good to go back to basics by speaking to your loved ones, hearing their voices and just catching up without being disrupted by checking likes and responding to DMs.

Be open

Share things with your loved ones and be completely open. This way, everyone will feel included even though they’re not seeing you on a daily basis. No one should feel like they’re missing out on sharing your life with you during the period of social distancing.

Give them assurance

Letting your friends and family know that you value them is more important than most people think. This is also a good way to cheer people up during a time as frustrating as this one.

Be positive

Your positive attitude will be appreciated by your loved ones. You’ll be that ball of energy and joy that’s so desperately needed right now. You won’t feel joyful and happy every day, you’re only human and that’s okay. But your positive vibe may rub off on others and possibly improve people’s perspectives on social distancing. Not only that, but it will be good for you too.

Social distancing can strengthen relationships, but it can also ruin them if they’re not well maintained. Cherish your relationships enough to make the necessary effort to keep them afloat. You could use this as a test to yourself about some of the relationships you’ve built, and if those can survive self-isolation, surely, they can survive anything.

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