One of the biggest challenges young professionals face is the pressure they feel from their families. Familial pressure can come in many ways, and from any family member, from parents and grandparents, to siblings, spouses and even kids. Here are some steps to help you balance these pressures with your career.

Identify the issue

You can’t tackle the pressure you’re feeling unless you know what’s causing it- that’s why your first step should be to identify the issue or issues. Here are a few common sources of familial pressure that you may be able to relate to:

You’re a breadwinner and feel pressure to provide for your family. One or more family members have a chronic illness, and you need to care for them. Your family doesn’t approve of your chosen career path. Your family sets high expectations that you feel are difficult or impossible to reach.

Once you’ve identified the source of the pressure you feel, you can move on to creating a plan of action.

Create a plan

Creating a written plan you’ll follow in order to alleviate or manage the pressure you feel will empower you, by giving you a solution you can work toward every day. Your plan will depend on the source of the issue and many other factors. For example, will this issue likely remain for a long time, or will it end soon? Which parts of the issue can you do something about, and which parts don’t you have control over? Consider the steps you can begin to take today in order to make your family life less stressful, as well as balance your home life with your career in terms of your time and attention.

Check in with yourself

It can be easy to neglect your own thoughts, needs and opinions if you’re dealing with familial pressure. Checking in with yourself is so important in maintaining a balance and feeling empowered instead of stuck. There are many ways to listen to re-connect with yourself, such as journaling daily, practicing self-care, meditating or exercising. If your schedule is busy during the day, create a habit of waking up a bit earlier in order to have that quiet time for yourself.

Seek help

You don’t have to deal with all of the pressure on your own. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a trusted friend or other family member, look into financial assistance from the bank or even an organisation that helps people in your situation. Here are a few resources to check out if you’re a family caregiver:

Alzheimer's South Africa (Gauteng)- 011 346 2757 (for nationwide contact information, visit this link) Aid for AIDS (Johannesburg)- 011 355 3394 (for nationwide contact information, visit this link) Palliative Treatment for Children (PATCHSA)- 082 374 4632 CANSA- 0800 22 66 22  

Now that you’re a young professional, you’ll have more responsibilities in every aspect of your life. This can be stressful at times, but remember that you’re strong enough to get through it! If you need any help, advice or just need to chat privately, send us a message on AskCellCgirl- we’re always here for you. Good luck!

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