If you’ve been a bit of a wallflower at the office up until now, it’s time to step into the spotlight and get noticed. Not sure where to begin? Here’s our advice.

Know your goals

Before you can start getting noticed at work, it’s important to set some goals for yourself and re-visit your existing career goals, in order to really understand why getting noticed is so important to you. Your reasons for wanting more recognition at work can include professional goals, such as getting a promotion, or personal goals such as coming out of your shell.

Whatever your goals are, write them down and make sure they’re SMART by taking the SMART goals test. You can also use these goals to create a vision board that’ll motivate and inspire you to achieve them. Learn more about vision boards in Course 2 (Discovering Your Path) on our free Take a Girl Child to Work Day Online Programme.

Highlight your strengths

Whatever your professional skills are, you should know what they are and highlight them at work whenever you can. Remember that actions speak louder than words, so focus on showing your strengths rather than just speaking about them.

Say yes to opportunities

If you notice an opportunity at work that you have capacity to take on, such as a chance to up-skill, attend an event or write an article, say yes to it. Such opportunities are not only great for your career, but they also help you get noticed as a pro-active and ambitious professional at work.

Own your success

While it’s true that excessive bragging can come across as arrogant, owning your success and accepting compliments is a great confidence booster, and helps you stand out. If you’ve achieved something great at work and you’re recognised for it, don’t feel bad for celebrating. You’ve earned it!

Take feedback well

Being able to take feedback (both positive and negative) well is a sign of maturity that shows your manager/boss that you’re willing to learn and grow. Confidence is all about being secure in yourself, and this includes times when you may have made a mistake and need to own up to it, or when you receive feedback on what you can improve.

Build your confidence

Confidence is a tricky thing sometimes because the best way to build it, is to do things that scare you. If you shy away from presenting at work for example, you’re less likely to overcome your fear of public speaking. Remember that your career growth is a work in progress, and it’s usually better to shoot your shot and miss, than to not go for it at all.

Being noticed in the workplace is all about taking risks, saying yes to opportunities and showing your superiors that you’re a passionate young professional. You probably won’t see the results over night, but if you apply these points every day, you’ll eventually stand out and shine. Good luck!

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