5 trends that can boost your business’s social media in 2021

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Social media is all about what’s trending, so knowing the things people are talking about at the moment is a great way to boost engagement on your business’s page. While life is unpredictable and we don’t know how 2021 is going to go, there are some trends that marketing professionals have identified for the coming year. Here are 5 you should know about.

Start a conversation

Now, more than ever, people are wanting to have engaging and meaningful conversations online. Because going out has been restricted and many are keeping it to a minimum in order to protect themselves from the virus, social media is a great way to socialise without having to leave your house. Your business page can be the place where your followers have discussions on fun and interesting topics related to your business. Just remember to keep it natural and be sincere- forcing a conversation won’t work, but you can express your personality and relatable content through your business page.

Throwback to the good times

People’s love for nostalgia has been around for a while, and it’s only grown since the pandemic started. To take advantage of this trend on your business’s social media page, think about posts you can create that both highlight what you’re offering, as well as share in a nostalgic moment that you think your followers would enjoy. For example, if you’re selling denim jackets, you could share some iconic denim fashion moments from the 2000s.

Show awareness

2020 shook up the world, and had a devastating impact on the lives of many people. In addition to the economic consequences, many social issues were also brought out into the open. If you’re reading marketing reports, you may see that “awareness” has been identified as a “trend”. If it’s relevant to your industry (such as animal testing if you’re a makeup brand for example) then there’s a space for it on your social page. Having said that, you should only show support for a movement if you’re sincere about it, and actively taking part in it. Performative allyship isn’t cool, and social issues are more than just a trending hashtag to boost engagement.

Think mobile

More and more people are accessing social media while they’re on the go, which means that any posts you share (organic or paid) should look good on mobile. Whenever you’re creating a post, whether it’s an image, video or any other media, ask yourself whether or not it makes sense on mobile devices. For example, you could add captions to your videos, in case someone is watching with their sound off. Or use larger text in a designed post, so that it’s readable even on a small screen.

Offer value

Everyone loves getting a good deal, especially in difficult financial times. By offering value to your followers, you can build loyalty and trust. Think about your business, and what type of need it’s solving. From there, you can create small “perks” for your social media followers, such as downloadable resources, informative articles or videos. You can offer value on your social pages by creating content that either inspires, educates or entertains.

Using social media trends is a great way to boost engagement and build meaningful connections for your business. Remember that trends come and go, and that trial and error is involved in seeing what works best for your pages. Keep your feelers out all the time, and use social media analytics to keep improving your content well into 2021. Good luck!

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