The fierce and talented duo, Chloe x Halle, needs no introduction. From their fresh video concepts to their mind-blowing vocals, these two musical sisters have been pushing the boundaries of what young artists can do- especially during this year’s pandemic. Here are some life and lifestyle lessons we can learn from them.

Fitness fact

In a Teen Vogue interview, Chloe x Halle admitted that walking, jogging and of course, dancing are the main ways they keep fit. Jogging and walking help the sisters keep their cardio on point, which gives them stamina for their dance practice and performances. If you find exercise boring, remember that dance can be a great workout- so put on your fave Chloe x Halle songs and have fun!

How they glow

A while ago, the sisters shared that coconut oil is a part of both their skincare routines. While it may work for them, coconut oil can lead to clogged pores and breakouts for most skin types. This Twitter moment may have been funny, but it was a good reminder that skincare is a very individual thing based on your skin type, and so many other factors. To find your own glow, start off by finding out what your skin type is, and try out some different routines until you find the right one for you.

Steal their style

If we could choose one word to describe Chloe x Halle’s style, it would be fearless. They’re never afraid to experiment with futuristic designs, unusual colours and express themselves through their styles. They co-ordinate their outfits beautifully, yet at the same time, they both retain their own unique look. The sisters aren’t afraid of having a diverse style either- they can go with the nostalgic “e-girl” look one day, and be full-on glam the next. Their style reminds us that fashion is all about having fun, and wearing what you’re in the mood for.

Why they’re a Flame

We just want to let other girls know that your feelings are valid and you as a human being, you’re powerful and valid and beautiful.

If you’ve seen any of their videos or follow them on social media, you probably know how passionate Chloe x Halle are about music and creativity. When they first started out, they had a lot of critical voices telling them that their music was “too complex” or not “marketable”. Despite this, they stayed true to the sound they wanted to create, and are now thriving. Chloe x Halle are also artists who are socially aware, and they use the platforms they have to share support for important social causes. They express their experiences through their art, and because of this, millions of fans connect to their message.

It’s not hard to see why even Queen Bey loves Chloe x Halle. Now that you know more about them, we hope they’ve inspired you to be unapologetic and own your uniqueness too!

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