Are you looking to change your habits and develop new ones? Now is the perfect time to do this because you’ll be starting right as the year takes off, giving you enough time to adjust and make 2020 your best year yet. Here are tips on which study habits might help you.

Be organised

We know being organised in varsity isn’t easy because you’ve got so much to do, but it’s really helpful. Part of being organised is gathering all your study material ahead of time, deciding on a specific study time, how much time you’ll spend on each chapter every day, and choosing a good study environment, like your room or the [library]( This will help you focus better and avoid distractions.

Consult with lecturers

Although you may have all your notes, and attended all your classes, it’s also very helpful to consult with your tutors and lecturers before you start with your exams and assignments. Go to them with any questions you may need clarity on, even if it’s tips on what the best study methods are. Doing this will help you feel confident and ready for your exams, even when it comes to sections you may have been unsure of at first.

Start with the difficult chapters

There’ll always be a chapter you dislike because you don’t understand it, or you simply find it boring, and that’s okay. It would be best to start with that chapter and get it out of the way - this doesn’t mean rush through it and cram, but rather take time to understand it. You’re usually energetic when you begin your study session, which means you’ll easily cruise through the difficult sections with no issues. You can do the sections you’re really good at later.

Use apps

We’re in an era where we use our apps to do day-to-day things, like socialising with our friends. Studying doesn’t need to be any different. Find apps that’ll help you study better and get you ready for your exams, preferably those that help you manage your time and help you with your concentration. Not sure which apps to download? Here are some suggestions.

Reward yourself

It’s always so much more fun doing something knowing that there’s a reward that awaits you at the end. Get into the habit of rewarding yourself for every time you complete a chapter in the time you had set aside for it. Reward yourself with a short break or a treat of your choice. This will keep you motivated to keep going.

Effective studying becomes a skill the more you do it, and even though you may dread it, it’s important to spend enough time on it to achieve those straight As. Study habits are ways of doing things that make life easier for you, so the more you develop good ones, the easier and more enjoyable studying becomes.

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