We can’t all be doctors and advocates, and that’s perfectly fine. If you’re more of a creative and would like to find out about creative career paths and things to consider before choosing that career, check this out.


If you’re into graphics, then this could be for you. People involved in the creation of animation, whether in the form of films, cartoons or video games are called animators. To become an animator and pursue it as a career, you need a Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree or a Diploma in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics or Animation. A portfolio showcasing your best work will help you bag the job.


If you’re passionate about writing, and your spelling and grammar are on point, copywriting might be a good direction to go in. It’s a great career path to explore because unlike other careers, it focuses on your talent. Writing can’t be taught but having a Degree or a Diploma in Journalism, English or Marketing will be advantageous, not forgetting a well written cover letter and a portfolio that showcases some of the best pieces you’ve written.

Art Direction

If you’re into layouts and you’re finicky about visuals and artwork, you’re probably an art director at heart. Art direction is about designing and directing layouts that usually come in the form of artwork, graphs, graphics, illustrations, and visual styles or images for productions. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you might want to start working on getting that Bachelor’s Degree in Art, Design or Photography.

Industrial Design

Creatives are innovators, and a career in Industrial Design speaks to exactly that. If you like creating things from scratch while considering aesthetics, you should look into this career path. Industrial designers are responsible for designing everything from appliances to cars, and although this job is not all the way creative, it definitely requires someone with a streak of creativity as you would need a Degree in Graphic Design (or Engineering), and a portfolio that showcases your design and drawing skills.

Fashion Design

So you’re a creative fashionista who wants to turn that into a career? Fashion design could be exactly what you should be doing. You’ll put your fashion forward thinking on paper and turn it into garments we wear on a daily basis. This is one of those careers that require more skill than education, but a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising is advantageous. You might also want to create a look book that shows the different looks you can put together and a sketch book with your best design pieces to get hired in the industry.

Creative career paths are becoming very common, and they’re definitely not limited to the ones we’ve mentioned there are lots more. If you feel like you’d like to follow a creative career path and you’d like to gain some experience first, have a look at our bursaries and internships section. If you’re unsure of which one to choose or what it requires, you can take our Career Interest Test for help.

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