Who would’ve thought that a young girl from Lebowakgomo would one day represent SA in Europe? Well, somehow, Tumelo Mothotoane always knew that she’d be making waves on tV screens and the world at large.

Who is Tumelo Mothotoane?

Tumelo Mothotoane is a young woman who was raised by grandparents in Lebowakgomo, in Limpopo. She’s a Media Studies graduate from Wits University, who’s hosted a number of television shows from One Day Leader to the Daily Thetha. She’s now senior host of The Morning Show, which is on ETV every weekday.

What inspires you?

Tumelo seeks inspiration from the little things in life. She looks to her spirituality and beliefs as well as her mother and grandmother who have taught her to stay strong and be optimistic, even when things are at their worst. Tumelo also speaks about how she admires ordinary women who manage to make the best of the most dire situations in their daily lives.

What does CellCgirl mean to you?

“The CellCgirl initiative is an amazing opportunity to interact with young girls who aspire to better themselves and achieve their professional goals,” Tumelo explains. She also goes on to say that she’s always wanted to be able to inspire other women and to share her story on a platform like this one. “I am passionate about sharing my lessons within my professional sphere so I can assist young girls with any queries that they might have regarding the media industry, entrepreneurship and personal growth,” she explains. Tumelo has always wanted to be on television, and when the opportunity to become a news anchor on an international network presented itself, she grabbed it without hesitation. This opportunity came with many lessons, surprises and challenges - which she’s eager to share with young girls who will benefit from her experience.

What’s the one thing you hope the platform achieves?

Among other things, Tumelo believes in the necessity of positive mentors in the lives of all young women. She believes that girls need to have someone they can look up to professionally so that they can build their own careers based on this example. She hopes that this platform allows her to be this example to young girls, “I hope the girls will be inspired by my personal and professional growth journey.” Tumelo’s journey hasn’t been an easy one, but it’s been paved by positive role models and loads of self-belief.

What’s your advice for young women?

This is Tumelo’s message to young women: “Don't succumb to the pressures of social media depicting curated images of overnight success.” She goes on to explain how television and social media make it look easy to become an overnight success, but this is not the case. “Everything worth achieving takes time and sacrifice,” she asserts. We couldn’t agree more!

What would you say to 15 year old Tumelo?

“Looking back,” she reflects, “I would say to my teenage self ‘Don't be too hard on yourself. Everything you set your mind to takes time. Be proud of yourself because you are doing the best you can with what you have’.”

What’s your motto in life?

*“The motto that I live by, is ‘Wherever you go, make people stop, listen and think’.” *

We love her confidence and her desire to learn and teach, don’t you? If it’s a mentor that you’re looking for, Tumelo Mothotoane’s definitely the woman for the job.

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