Self-management is being able to take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your well-being in the workplace. You may just be managing yourself, but in some way that makes you a manager. Every manager needs specific qualities that’ll help get things done. Do you have the necessary skills to manage yourself? Let’s find out.


No one wants to feel blamed or feel like it’s their fault that things are going wrong, but a big part of self-management is being accountable for yourself and your actions. You must take responsibility for anything that goes wrong on your watch, instead of trying to shift the blame or responsibility onto other people.

Time management

Life can get in the way, leaving you with very little time to prioritise your work. Being someone who’s able to manage yourself means being able to manage your time wisely by prioritising what’s important and meeting your deadlines.


You need to have confidence in yourself to know that you can take control of your life and your work without being forced or prompted. You must believe that you won’t let things fall apart and that you have what it takes to be in charge of yourself.


Saying no or speaking up is not easy, but that’s what makes a good manager. You must learn to say no or to speak up if your work is being compromised. Make the best decisions for yourself and don’t fall for the guilt trips.


Pressure gets to the best of us. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by it, but what’s important is how you handle yourself in that situation. Keep calm and maintain composure. You can’t manage yourself if you crack easily, so you need to be level headed and remain calm.

Self-management is helpful if you want to independently achieve specific goals in your career. It’s always nice to take full control of your life, and although it’s not always easy, it’s a good confidence booster and it makes you enthusiastic about your future.

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