Going through a global crisis doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t negotiate your terms of employment, within reason (of course). Here are some negotiation tips you can use during this COVID-19 crisis.

Timing is everything

Timing is very important when it comes to negotiating. You need to understand whether now, is a good time to negotiate certain things. For example, if you’ve recently qualified or graduated, now isn’t a good time to make any hectic demands. Consider where you are, as well as what the global crisis means for your employer, industry and yourself.

Don’t sell yourself short

Going through a global crisis doesn’t change the skills and qualifications that you have. It’s important to remember what you have to offer and what you bring to the table and how that can benefit the company you work for, as well as yourself. Although you’d like to keep your job, especially during a time like this, you should never undersell yourself.

Speak up

A huge part of negotiating is communicating. So, if there are things you’re unsure or unhappy about, don’t be afraid to ask questions and actually begin the negotiation process. Try to do this without being aggressive or forceful, but be firm in your communication and present good reasons for your requests. This is helpful because it’ll save you from settling for less when you could’ve received more.

Don’t be unreasonable

There’s a difference between knowing what you deserve and have to offer, and being unreasonable. Remember that this isn’t only you starting a new job during a global crisis- which is difficult for everyone. It’s also you maintaining a healthy professional relationship, so you have to try not to burn your bridges by expecting unreasonable incentives or an unreasonable salary or raise.

Don’t stop negotiating

Continuously negotiating doesn’t mean speaking to your employers every single day about adjusting your terms of employment. What it means is that just because you request something and they may not agree, you shouldn’t take that ‘no’ personally, or as a final answer. Sometimes ‘no’ simply means ‘not now’ based on what’s happening in the world currently. So be patient and bring it up again once you feel that the dust has settled.

Negotiating is about two parties having a conversation and agreeing to terms that suit both of them. Due to COVID-19, you may be a little bit anxious and impatient, but try to not make that seem obvious in your approach by coming off as forceful or aggressive. If done right, the outcome of the negotiation should be beneficial for everyone. If you’ve been meaning to negotiate your salary, you can read this article for tips. Good luck!

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