Looking for ways to supplement your income from home? Look no further, we’ve got tips to help you make extra cash while social distancing.

Tutoring online

With people either working from home or planning to go back to work, while learners are still at home, most parents would appreciate someone who could tutor their kids while they work. If you’re good at a particular subject and wouldn’t mind passing your knowledge on to school children, then it may be a good idea to become an online tutor. You can go online and do a bit of research or read this article and find what works for you.

Sell something online

Although a lot of vendors think that isn’t a good time to sell their products, it actually is. You can set up an online store and start selling products online. If you can’t sell or deliver the products right now, then you could develop an advance pay method where your customers could purchase vouchers that they’ll be able to redeem after the lockdown. You can use sites like Quicket to do this.


If you have great ideas that digital agencies or businesses would be interested in, this is the perfect time to pull those out. Think about skills such as writing, graphic design or accounting, that you could offer to businesses on a freelance basis. Send the necessary emails and pitch your ideas, request calls on Zoom and Microsoft Teams and take that leap. You never know who’s been waiting for an idea like yours, and that’s bound to make you some cash.

Get creative

Have you learnt a new skill lately? For example, can you make organic hand sanitizer or cloth masks? If yes, then you might be interested in using your new creative skill to start a side hustle. Since everyone’s on social media, use the different platforms to put your business out there and gain customers. It might be a good idea to start in your area and grow from there.

No one wants to be going through lockdown stressing about their finances, but the reality is that that’s kind of inevitable. So, if you have an additional skill or a sprinkle of creativity then you might want to take advantage of that during this time. We’re also always on standby to help with and advice you need. Get in touch on AskCellCgirl or contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know how you’re making coin right now.

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