Clothes have become more than just items that keep you covered. They’ve become statement pieces, business opportunities and a way to get messages across. Here are 5 game-changing clothing start-ups that will inspire you.

Oratile Kids

Who said kids can’t be stylish and cool? Oratile Kids, a Pretoria based start-up clothing brand, brings cool and funky outfits to parents for their little ones. Outfits that used to only be for adults can now be found in the cutest, tiny sizes.


Many clothing brands have been labelled “unable to cater to the everyday plus sized woman”, but not Plus-Fab. Malesela Rachel Tema, the founder of Plus-Fab, has found a way to make plus sized women fall in love with themselves and their bodies even more. This clothing start-up is all about giving fuller figured women options that they wouldn’t otherwise find in normal retail stores. Who doesn’t love being in a well-fitted, comfy outfit?

Ledikana Creations

The best way to be a clothing start-up that stands out from the rest is to produce items that are unique and have a custom feel to them. That’s what Ledikana Creations is all about. Their handmade accessories and clothing items have been inspired by many of South Africa’s different cultures. With colourful garments and accessories, there’s no way you could miss their beautifully crafted pieces.

Enhle Babes Couture

The term ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ is no lie when it comes to 11-year-old fashion enthusiast, Enhle Gebashe. Enhle started her fashion brand, Enhle Babes Couture , that caters for children, while representing the beauty of Africa’s tribal prints. The KwaZulu-Natal born young fashionista is inspired by Nigerian fashion and that’s where she draws much of her inspiration from. Creating well-made clothing items with beautiful, bright, yet glamorous fabrics.


One would think men and women can’t enjoy the same kind of outfits, while maintaining a sense of comfort, right? Well, Zahnri Gertse, a fashion designer from Mossel Bay, started her clothing brand, Virtue-SA, in 2018 and changed that narrative. With garments that can be worn by both men and women, while maintaining a certain level of appeal and aesthetic, this clothing brand has put some serious emphasis on making gender-neutralism cool.

Fashion and business can easily co-exist when done right, and that’s what our favourite clothing start-ups have shown us. The best way to make sure you have a clothing start-up that catches people’s attention and stands out from your competitors, is to create items that aren’t easily found in everyday retail stores. Understanding your target market and going over and above to cater for them will definitely help turn your start-up into an empire. If you know any clothing start-ups that inspire you, let us know on our social media pages Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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