Here’s how you can spring clean your life for 2020 and beyond

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The year is finally coming to a close, and we’re sure there are a few things you wish you could’ve done differently. Well, now’s a good time to give your life a bit of a revamp - here’s how.

Learn from past mistakes

We all make mistakes and we try to learn from them. Look back at the mistakes you made this year and the patterns that led to them, then do your best not to repeat them in the new year. You might slip up a few times here and there, but be willing to pick yourself up and keep trying your very best.

Toss the toxic thoughts

Use 2020 to work on yourself. Toss negative thoughts like speaking badly about yourself, doubting yourself or giving up too easily. This will help you in your personal relationships since we’re most likely to make assumptions about how others see us based on how we see ourselves.

Fix your finances

If you were a ‘big spender’ in 2019, then now would be the best time to fix this. Start by creating a realistic budget. Make sure that you don’t exceed the budget or live beyond your means. It could also help to open a savings account that you can put money into every month to teach you to be a little more disciplined with your coin.

Distance yourself from negativity

If you have friends, a partner or even family members who are weighing you down with their negativity, it may be time to put a little distance between yourself and them. Negativity and complaining weigh us down in a lot of ways, and if you’re looking to have a better, more productive year, then you don’t need that energy. If you’re the negative friend, then you might want to give your attitude a revamp.

Find what makes you happy

Make your happiness a priority by trying to immerse yourself in things that make you happy. If you’re not too sure what that is yet, then maybe you should take up a new sport, hobby, or spend more time with family and supportive friends. You’ll find your happy place soon enough.

Spring cleaning your life is a lot like spring cleaning your home. It’s all about getting rid of things that no longer serve you or make you happy and putting yourself first in order to build a life for yourself that you can truly enjoy.

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