When one aspect of our lives is out of balance, things can quickly snowball. This imbalance often happens to entrepreneurs, freelancers and other young professionals who may not have a standard 9-5 lifestyle. How can you find a happy medium between your relationship and your business? Here’s our advice.


Communication between you and your partner is the first step to understanding each other’s needs and expectations. Be honest with your partner about your workload and encourage them to be open about their feelings. Remember, a supportive partner won’t make you feel guilty for not giving them enough attention.

Be aware

Work problems causing havoc in your personal life, and vice versa, aren’t always glaringly obvious to see. If you have trouble recognising issues until they hit breaking point, try some mindfulness exercises such as a daily meditation or a yoga routine. Become aware of when your work stress starts affecting your personal life - it’s better to nip things in the bud before they get out of hand.

Relax with them

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to switch off when they’re not working, but this is so vital for keeping stress in check, as well as fully enjoying your time with bae. If you’re having trouble with this, try choosing activities to do with your partner that promote relaxation such as a picnic, reading together or going on a hike. Don’t take business related calls or messages when you’re chilling - this is the fastest way to agitate yourself and your partner.

Honour your commitments

If you’ve promised your partner a date night, don’t cancel at the last minute unless it’s an absolute emergency. Likewise, don’t change your work commitments to suit bae’s schedule - rather, find an arrangement that works for both of you. Stick to your schedule and avoid sudden changes and ditching as much as possible.

Schedule your time

If you create a schedule for yourself, update it regularly and stick to it, then you’ll know when you can enjoy some time off with bae. Scheduling your personal life can seem strange at first, but it’ll help you keep things in perspective. If you need help setting up a diary, give this article a read.

It’s possible to have a great work/relationship balance, but it does take a little bit of honesty and foresight. Remember you can reach out to us via Ask CellCgirl for free, confidential advice on anything work or love related. Good luck!

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