If you’re about to start your first year of varsity, this is probably such an exciting time for you! You may be nervous because you don’t know what to expect, but if you look at this as a great opportunity to reach your career goals and to meet new people in a different environment, it may be easier and you may get a little bit more excited. There are also things you can do to make sure you have the time of your life. Here are a few.

Make friends

Mingle with your peers. Making new friends who are also just starting out in varsity will be fun. You’ll get to experience all the ups and downs of varsity together and explore an environment that is new to all of you. Attend Orientation Week (O Week) - this is the perfect place to meet and mingle with other first year students. Here are more reasons why you shouldn’t miss O-Week.

Study what you’re passionate about

Choosing a course that you’re passionate about will make for a pleasant varsity experience. Studying will be easier and so will focusing on your studies and getting good grades, because you’re more likely to excel at something you enjoy.

Attend social events

A varsity experience is not complete without social events. You have to focus on your studies, but you also need to participate in things that happen on campus. This will help you get acquainted with people around you and give you the full varsity experience. You could also attend any Freshers event that’s organised to welcome first years into varsity, as well as plays and concerts to get a firsthand feel of the culture of your chosen varsity. We encourage attending social events responsibly, of course. If you’ve never been to a varsity social event, these tips will be helpful.

Explore everything on campus

Make use of all the resources your campus has to offer. Make use of the computer labs, the library, the chill areas and residential areas if you can. Those resources are there for your benefit, and it’s also nice to know the ins and outs of your campus and what it has to offer. If you’ll be getting the res experience, here are some things to remember.

Get involved in activities

There’s always something to get involved in on campus. You can either be part of a choir, a day/sorority house, the theatre group, get a job on campus or become part of a political movement, it all depends on your interests because everyone is catered to. This is the perfect place to learn new things, make new friends and even earn a little extra cash sometimes.

Your first year will be what you make of it. If you go into it with excitement and optimism, you’re more likely going to enjoy it and make it a memorable year. Surround yourself with the right people and focus on your studies, and it should be a breeze. But if you’re still struggling after some time, you can take a look at [this article](https://cellcgirl.co.za/post/129 to help you along.

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