It’s always really great to feel motivated, inspired and optimistic about life, but it’s also important to remember that not everyone feels like that. You can use your positive outlook to influence others and get them a little bit more excited about life. Here’s how.

Be positive

It’s almost impossible to be joyful every day, but your smile and optimism can uplift someone else. All people really want is to be happy, but everyone is going through life and it isn’t always easy to crack a smile. You never know how your positive energy will inspire the next person to exude the same vibes.

Be open

People go through different things in life, and they don’t always come out of them as victorious as you. Share your success and failure stories with people who need to hear them, they might inspire someone to keep going and never give up. Here are a few quotes you can share to inspire others.

Be yourself

Maybe you have great self-esteem and you’re comfortable in your own skin, but you know someone who isn’t. Continue to love yourself and show those around you how to build their confidence. You can do this by complimenting people more, that’ll inspire them to not only feel confident, but to also be kind to others. Here are some tips on how to boost confidence and be more comfortable in your own skin.

Follow your passion

Following your passion can inspire someone else to follow theirs - whether it’s a job or a hobby. When you’re passionate about something you feel positive and excited about life. Let others see that in you and be inspired.

Be the best version of you

Being the best version of yourself means taking care of yourself and putting your best efforts into everything you do. People are inspired by hard workers and achievers, because that’s what most people want to be. Excel at the things you do and those around you will be inspired to be just as good.

Inspiring others isn’t about bragging or showing them that you’re better. It’s about modelling the greatness you want to see in other people. You can also draw inspiration from people you admire, like Nomzamo Mbatha.

For more inspiring articles you can read for yourself or share with others, check out our Inspiration section. And remember that your energy is contagious, so make it inspiring and uplifting for those around you.

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