Being unemployed can be very frustrating, especially during this pandemic. We know that it’s not easy to job hunt while social distancing, but there are ways you can ease the stress. Here are 5.

Don’t beat yourself up

We’re living in really tough times, so struggling to find work is understandable. It’s important to be really mindful of your self-talk right now. Don’t dwell on past mistakes and failures, rather surround yourself with positivity and inspiration. Our Instagram page is a great place to look if you need something to pick you up. Remember that being positive doesn’t mean ignoring reality, instead, it means choosing to focus on the good, while working towards fixing the bad.

Join online communities

Find online communities for job-seekers like yourself. For example, you could follow The Resource on Facebook, or set up a profile on job sites/apps like Pnet, LinkedIn or BizCommunity . This will help you stay on top of the most recent job updates, and help you get updated on the latest trends in your industry. Plus, they are good networking tools.

Dedicate yourself

To focus less on the stress of not working, and more on finding work, it’s good to come up with a schedule and stick to it. Treat every week day like a work day and spend your time applying for jobs, networking and bettering yourself. Update your CV and all your profiles on job sites you’re registered to, and find ways to upskill or come up with ideas to start your own business, if that’s something you’d be interested in.

Offer your skills

Use the skills and resources you have right now to help or make a bit of cash. For example, if you’re good at Math, you could offer online tutoring. Volunteering is also a good idea since it’s great for your CV and will take your mind off of your job status while helping others. What’s more, it’s a good way to meet new people and possibly create new professional connections.

Don’t be too picky

Although it’s important to know your worth and not settle, it may not be such a bad idea to take an opportunity that’s not exactly in your industry for experience and money. Think of it as a way to gain different skills and fill your resumé while you look for a better opportunity. It’s also not a bad idea to into internships, as well as graduate and learnership programmes.

The stress of being unemployed can really take its toll on you, we understand. However, the tips we’ve given can help you focus more on the things you can control, rather than allowing stress to get you down. If you’re ever in need of career advice or a pick-me-up-er, check out the CellCgirl Careers section. Good luck!

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