There are many ways we can empower each other as women, and none of those ways need to be big or over-the-top gestures for them to impact the next woman. Sometimes, the smallest gestures go a long way. Here are simple ways to use to empower other women.


A kind word can make a huge difference. Giving another woman a compliment can totally change her mood and yours for that matter. Making someone else’s day better, will actually make you feel good.

Give back

Get involved in charity work, like providing underprivileged girls with sanitary towels or giving away clothes you no longer wear. It may seem small, but it can improve someone’s life instantly.

Speak up

Speaking up about social issues that affect women, like catcalling or access to education, not only raises awareness about the issues but helps other people speak out too. Although just talking about issues doesn’t solve them, it does help society move towards changing them.


Being a shoulder to cry on to your friends and family may seem small, but it makes a huge difference. A lot of the time, we feel alone and unsupported so it’s really reassuring to have a sisterhood that you can rely on. Make an effort to be that for someone in your life.

Build communities

We live in an era where social media platforms are a good way to form tight-knit communities. You can create social pages that help inspire women and build them. This will provide women with a safe space to express themselves in the presence of like-minded people.

Empowering other women doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. You probably empower women every single day without realising it, so taking one more step to becoming intentional about female empowerment shouldn’t be difficult. Remember to share all the ways you choose to help other women with us, we love seeing your stories!

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