Anyone who runs a business needs to know how productive they are. You need to know how much work you’re getting done and at what rate. Here are our top tips.

Time management

The amount of time spent on tasks is really important in measuring productivity. When there’s a record kept of who should be doing what and how much time should be spent on each task, it’s easier to determine if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing in the allocated time. Planning tools such as Float and work operating systems such as Monday can help you track and manage time better in a business.

Track sales

At the core of any business is selling product or service, which is why tracking sales is a great way to measure how productive you are. A great way to measure and manage your sales is by using sales tracking software, and keeping track of your income.


Being able to communicate with business partners, clients and/or employees is really important, especially when working remotely. Resources like Microsoft Teams and Zoom can help you communicate quickly and effectively, making you more productive. These resources can also help you keep track of what everyone is doing so that you know how productive they are.


Feedback from everyone within the business gives indication of how people within the business are working individually and as a team. This is a good way to measure productivity, but for it to be accurate, everyone needs to fully understand their roles and be honest. Your customers can also provide very valuable feedback on your product or service, which can help you learn what you’re doing right, and what you may need to do different in order to be more productive.

Manage workflow

Whether you’re a large or small team, you’ll need to manage how everyone is working and manage workflow. Tools like Trello can help you keep things organized, prioritise tasks and track your progress. This is a great way to see how productive you are over long and short periods of time.

Every entrepreneur needs to find a method of measuring how productive everyone in the business is in order to see what’s working and what isn’t. The tools we’ve mentioned will help you do just that. Remember to stay open to feedback and don’t delay making positive changes to boost your productivity.

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