Lockdown has been challenging for everyone. Not being able to move around freely, or see your friends and relatives can be quite a downer. However, the lockdown isn’t all that bad. There’s so much to discover about yourself during this time. Read on to find out what we mean.

You’re innovative

This lockdown has forced all of us to dig deep for new ideas and new ways of doing things. A lot of people have learnt how to bake their own bread, make their own pasta and use the things in their homes to have fun. Now the things you used to pay for, you can do yourself.

You’re resilient

Being restricted to one area demands patience, and if you thought you were impatient before, you’ve probably learnt that you’re not that bad. The lockdown also has its lows – like cabin fever and anxiety about the future. But you’re learning how to pick yourself up from the lows and do better the next day, which is admirable.

You’re nurturing

Not seeing your friends and family can’t be easy, but making an effort to connect with them as often as possible is great. This proves that you’re nurturing and loving. It also shows that your relationships are strong and can withstand even the toughest times. You can give yourself a pat on the back for being a real one!

You’re committed

Studying, working or even exercising from home requires discipline and dedication and if you’ve managed to get this done so far, that’s great. Being committed to your goals even when the future is so uncertain is a good trait to have and it’ll get you further than you know.

You CAN make lemonade

The lockdown has forced all of us to make the best of really tough circumstances and it’s great to see so many CellCgirls using their talents to express themselves and make the most of the current situations. Life may have given us lemons, but we’re swimming in the lemonade and doing it gracefully, too.

We know that this pandemic is serious and has had unimaginable impact on a lot of people, which is why it’s good to find something positive to focus on. Make sure you stay informed on the latest developments, keep taking the necessary precautions to prevent spreading COVID-19 (like washing your hands regularly, using alcohol-based hand sanitiser and obeying the lockdown regulations) and keep that positive spirit.

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