LinkedIn may be a professional social networking site that’s known for jump-starting careers, but there are also great benefits to using it as a student. Here are a few.

Builds your brand

You might not be a professional just yet, but you're still a brand and LinkedIn will help you tell your future employers or customers all about that. Just because you don’t have professional experience doesn’t mean your bio should be boring or empty. You’ve already got more achievements to share than you think, whether from a part-time job or your university activities. We’re pretty sure your future employers would love to know about what you’re studying, some of your volunteer work and even some of your thesis pieces. All this says a lot about your skills and what you have to offer, so put the info out there and sell yourself.

Grows your professional contacts

The sooner you start growing your professional network, the better. Creating your LinkedIn account now gives you enough time to broaden your network so that by the time you start working, you’ve already secured important chats and connections with the right people.

Helps you know your industry

If you’d like to keep abreast with all the things happening in your respective industry, like who the industry top-dogs are, the current trends and even which companies you’d like to work for, LinkedIn is where you should be. It’ll be good for you to familiarise yourself with your industry before you get employed. Look at it as a way to give yourself a head start.

Assists with the job hunt

More and more companies are using LinkedIn to recruit employees, making it the place to be- even if you’re just looking for a part-time gig or internship to start. Rather than using ineffective job sites to look for work or going door-to-door and calling different companies, you can simply make use of LinkedIn. With the numerous active job opportunities on it, it’s just a matter of finding one that interests you and applying for it. You may not always get the job, but it helps to have a quick and convenient way to search and apply for them.

Helps you get job alerts

You may find yourself looking for a job after varsity and struggling to find it, only because you don’t know that it exists. LinkedIn can help you learn what job opportunities interest you from happening. It does this by sending you alerts based on your career interests and experience, so that you never have to miss out on any career opportunities.

Whether you’re completing your final year at varsity or you’re still in your first, it’s already the time to start making your career moves. The job hunting process can be daunting, but LinkedIn can help make it a little easier. Dedicate time to completing your profile, getting your lecturers to endorse your skills and making your profile show a level of professionalism. This will help you get the attention of some great employers and and hopefully score you the opportunity of a lifetime. Good luck!

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