Starting a new school can be nerve-racking, and that’s the normal human reaction to starting anything new or having to go through any kind of change. There’s also the other side though, which is the excitement, and if you’re not there yet, we’d like to give you a few reasons why you should be. Take a look.

A change of scenery

So maybe you’ve been in the same school for a couple of years now, and you’ve been doing the same thing and seeing the same people for those couple of years. Starting at a new school is going to give you a chance to experience a change of scenery, a different school in a different environment. That’s something worth looking forward to.

Different faces

You’re going to miss the friends you made at your old school, that’s inevitable, but you’re also going to get an opportunity to start new friendships, meet different people and form new connections- that’s a great thing. That’s just you adding new friends to the ones you already have, and you know what they say: “the more, the merrier!”. You’re also going to get to experience different teachers and pick a fave.

A new slate

You may have already established a particular reputation at your old school, and if it wasn’t a good one, you should consider this as a second chance to fix that. Maybe you’re looking to improve your academic record, behaviour or even to get away from a bully- a new school lets you do all that. No one really knows you, so no one can ever judge you or remind you of your mistakes or shortfalls. Use this new chapter as a chance to start afresh.

A cooler culture

Your old school was probably super cool. We get it, and you probably loved it there because there so many cool things to do and all these awesome extra-mural activities. We get that too, but your new school could have other really great things to get involved in and a really amazing culture that didn’t exist at your old school. The only way you can fully enjoy this new culture that you’re about to experience is to be open-minded and positive.

There are so many things you’re going to miss about your old school, and that’s normal. But you can also look on the bright side and maintain a positive mindset about starting over at a different school, because there are really great things about that too. If you find yourself still struggling to adjust to being the new kid at school, you can read this article for help. You’ve got this. Good luck!

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