One of the biggest mistakes students make in grade 11 is that they don’t take it seriously, because they think matric is the only year that matters. Don’t believe us? Here are a few of the main reasons why grade 11 is so important.

It’s your matric test-run

In grade 11, the exams and assignments you do are modelled after matric exams and assignments. So, by applying yourself in grade 11, you’re getting a feel for how your matric year will be. Putting effort into your studies during this year is vital, because if you wait until matric to start figuring out what you need to improve on, it will likely be too late for you to fix any pressing issues.

It’s the “start” of matric

If you put effort in during your grade 11 year, matric will be a lot easier to handle because you’ll have a solid basis of your subjects already established. People often refer to matric as a “revision” of grade 11 work and while that isn’t 100% true, it’s pretty accurate when it comes to how the syllabus is set up. Waiting until matric to start taking your studies seriously is a bad idea, because by then it will be too late. Rather, start in grade 11 and you’ll see how much easier matric will be for you that way.

Your applications may depend on it

You’ll most likely need to apply for your desired college or university using your grade 11 marks, so they need to be good. Regardless of whether you’d like to study at a public or private varsity, your grade 11 marks are important for your application. Once you have early acceptance from the institution you’d like to study at, the battle is already more than halfway won.

Another important use for your grade 11 marks would be if you’re applying for a bursary, scholarship or grant to study further. Often times, the applications for these types of opportunities are accepted while you’re in matric, and they ask for your latest academic results which, you guessed it, will likely be your grade 11 results.

If you want to set yourself up for success, then it’s vital that you work hard in grade 11. Do the smart thing and save yourself a ton of headaches in matric by doing your best this year. Good luck!

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