People often pick on teenagers for acting as if their friends are their world, but let's face it- that's what good friends should be! However, notice how we said "good"? Truth is, dedicating your effort and energy to the wrong crew can make your high school experience go from sweet to bitter in no time. Here's why it's so important to have decent mates in high school.

They help you do better 

You are who you surround yourself with, so it’s only fair that if you hang out with great people, you’ll feel inspired to live a better life. This is your time to figure out who you are and who you want to be, so make sure that you and your friends share similar goals and that you all aim to encourage one another and grow together.

This is important when it comes to your marks as well- surround yourself with people who work hard to do well in school and pretty soon you’ll flourish too.

They have your back

High school can get pretty wild sometimes, and it’s in these moments when things get tough, that a loyal friend will be there to help you through. Don’t underestimate the power of having decent friends who can give helpful advice and have your back. There will be times when you need a helping hand, so it’s good to know you can count on your squad no matter what.

They are lifesavers

High school is all about teamwork, whether you’re doing a group project or studying with your classmates. Having a reliable friend group will keep you organised and on top of your school game. Think about it- if you’ve forgotten about an important test coming up, having a good friend to remind you can be a real lifesaver.

Plus, you can always organise study sessions with your squad to make revision less boring and stressful.

School is more fun with them around 

High school should be one of the most fun and carefree times of your life, but with the wrong friend group it can be a very negative experience. With good friends on the other hand, you have positive times instead of drama, and you’re free to have fun without feeling judged or having to worry about gossip or dishonesty. You can laugh, express yourself and do cool things with them because they’re down to enjoy themselves, not cause unnecessary problems.

High school is too short for you to waste time dealing with negativity, or struggling to keep up with your studies because of a distracting friend group. Focus on having a few good friends who’ve got the right idea, and you’ll be sure to catch good vibes and good marks while having a ton of fun. Good luck!

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