When you’re in school, final exams are seen as the most important (and most challenging) exams of the year. However, your June exams are just as important, and you shouldn’t underestimate them. Here’s why:

They add to your final mark

If you underestimate the difficulty of these exams and underperform in them, your end of year mark will suffer because of it. If you haven’t done well in term 1 and you fail your June exams, this could mean you fail the entire year. On the other hand, if you start off with a strong mark in your June exams you’ll find it easier to reach your end-of-year goals - especially if you’re aiming for a certain mark or distinction.

They’re practice for finals

If you wait until your finals to start studying properly, it’ll likely be too late for you to get into the proper flow. That’s why June exams give you a chance to get ahead early on in the year. June exams give you an opportunity to practice your exam-taking skills for all of your subjects, and assess how you’re doing in each one. Your June exam marks can give you insight into where you’re doing well and what you can improve on.

They open up opportunities

Doing well in your June exams can help open opportunities to you that you otherwise may miss out on. For example, you may need to hand in these results when applying for bursaries and scholarships, especially if you’re in grade 11 or matric.

They help you improve

When preparing for your June exams, remember that success isn’t just about how many marks each exam counts for but rather, the positive habits you’re getting into. Preparing properly for each exam season teaches you important skills such as time management and what kind of learning method and work flow suits you best. The sooner you develop these kinds of skills, the better you’ll perform in your final exams as well as if you go on to study further or even at your first workplace.

June exams are the first big opportunity of the year for you to prove yourself and see your hard work pay off. Remember that you can find tons of free past papers and study guides to help you prepare on our Downloads page. Good luck!

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