Choosing the best time to apply for a job will help you stand out and get your application noticed by recruiters. Here’s more.

The first quarter of the year

January to March is the hottest period for sending out your job applications. It’s pretty common for companies to have employees resign, so businesses are opening and eager to recruit new employees within the first three months of each year.

September to November (for graduates)

Typically the last quarter of the year isn’t the best time to apply for a jobs as companies tend to slow down and aren’t looking to hire. For students who are about to graduate however, this period is a great time to start looking for graduate programmes. Keep in mind that each year, thousands of students graduate from various universities, which means that you’re likely to have a lot of competition. Make sure you increase your chances of your application being noticed. Here are some ways you can do this:

Register your career portal profile on reputable recruitment and career portals such as Careers24 and Indeed. Create or update your CV. The holidays are an opportunity to review your CV and update it. Once it’s designed and ready to go, upload it to your career portal profile. Update your LinkedIn profile. Set up the information in your LinkedIn profile like you would your CV. Set your bio in a way that best describes you as a potential employer. Be intentional about the groups you follow and the people you’re linked to. Make yourself visible to potential recruiters. Engage in conversations about the industry you’re interested in. Set job alerts for peak application seasons. Filter your profile according to the industry and jobs your desire, and set your job alerts for the high recruitment season. This way, you’ll be quickly notified of jobs you can apply for.

Knowing the best time to apply can help you increase the chances of your CV being noticed and considered. Keep in mind that unsuccessful applications are a part of the process, and not a reflection of your capabilities or worth. Be active and on the lookout for jobs but remember to be easy on yourself. If you need more information or support on how to take advantage of job opportunities, chat to us on AskCellCgirl. Good luck!

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