What to Expect If You're Heading to University Next Year

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If you’re going to university next year, you’re probably nervous. It is normal to freak out a little bit at the prospect of starting something new and having to get used to an unfamiliar environment. There’s no need to worry, though, because we’re going to tell you 5 things you should expect, to make it easier for you.

Huge classes

Your high school classes had between 20 and 40 people per class and you probably knew all your classmates. University’s a little different - classes can have up to 500 students and you’re not going to know that many people even if you try. So your social life isn’t as limited as it is in high school. You can make friends with different people, gain new experiences and learn about different cultures and backgrounds.

Attendance is voluntary

Unlike the strict attendance register that you have in high school, university lecturers don’t really care whether you’re at your classes or not. Yes, you heard right, you choose whether or not you’d like to go to your lectures because there are way too many students for lecturers to keep up with attendance. The idea here, though, is that your education is your responsibility, so you should prioritise your studies and put in the effort that’s necessary to get the marks you want. If you miss lectures, it’s up to you to catch up with the work and do all the necessary reading.

You control your time

You decide what to do with your time in university. Due dates for assignments can be anything from 3 weeks to two months away from the time the work is given. In fact, most of your courses will give you your end of semester assignments at the very beginning, so it’s up to you to make sure you plan your work and use the time that you have wisely. The last thing you want is to leave your work for the very last minute.

No late submissions

Late submissions are the one thing that universities tend to be strict about. You usually aren’t able to submit tasks late unless you can prove that circumstances beyond your control prevented you from handing in the work on time. Which is why it’s extremely important to be organised and use your time wisely.

The library is your best friend

Apart from the fact that they’re fantastic places to study, university libraries usually have those really rare and expensive textbooks you sometimes need for some of your courses. So you’ll find that the library will be the most valuable tool when you’re doing research for assignments and studying for tests and exams.

The transition from high school to university can be a little bit scary, but it’s definitely manageable. As long as you’re organised, responsible and ready to have the time of your life, you’re all good.

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