No one could’ve prepared for COVID-19. So naturally, when choosing a study field, you probably didn’t have a global pandemic in mind. And because of that, it could be a scary time for you, and you’re probably questioning what you’ll do if your study field is impacted by COVID-19. Here are some solutions.

Find alternatives

It’s possible that your study field may have alternatives that can be used to adjust to COVID-19. For example, maybe there are ways to incorporate online alternatives into your study field, so that you’re prepared to work remotely if need be. If such options exist, perhaps now would be the perfect time to explore them.

Explore other skills

If you’ve got other skills that you think would come in handy or useful during this time, it’s definitely time to pull those out and put them to good use. Using your other skills or talents to explore other career fields or starting your own business doesn’t mean you’re giving up on your career plans. But it’s always good to have something you can fall back on during times like these. So if you’re a creative or an entrepreneur at heart, explore these streams and keep your options open.

Consult with someone

Speaking to someone who’s experienced and has started their career in what you’re studying could be useful. Find out from them if they’ve ever experienced a crisis during their career and how they dealt with it. Not only that, but speaking to a career counsellor or a faculty student counsellor could also be helpful. It’s important to get as much advice as possible and to express your concerns to someone who can help you.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Making a decision to venture into a particular study field doesn’t mean that you’ll end up doing that for the rest of your life. Many people go into certain study fields and end up doing other careers, sometimes not even linked to what they’ve studied. So don’t be hard on yourself. Continue putting as much effort into your studies as you did before COVID-19.

Be hopeful

Remember that COVID-19, like many other things, is a passing event. Things won’t be like this forever. So if you’re panicking about the choice you’ve made or about the impacts of the pandemic on your studies, remind yourself that this isn’t a permanent situation.

It’s perfectly normal to be concerned about your future during this time. There’s so much uncertainty and so many things affecting our lives because of COVID-19. Remaining hopeful and exploring the many skills and talents you have can help you remain calm and expose you to other opportunities. And don’t forget that we’re always here to help you and advise you where necessary. Reach out to Ask CellCgirl anytime you need to talk or get some advice. Good luck!

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