We know that not being able to go to university or college for financial or other reasons, can be really disappointing and frustrating. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any options for you, though. That’s why we’ve listed 5 things you can do if varsity isn’t an option this year.

Apply for an internship or learnership

While internships basically allow you to gain work experience in a particular industry, learnerships give you the opportunity to get theoretical and practical experience within a certain field. What’s more, you get a monthly stipend to cover your basic expenses. Although many internships require a qualification, learnerships usually don’t. Click here to find out more about how learnerships work.

Consider online or distance learning

Thank goodness for the internet because you can now study online. You can enrol for various short courses and certificates — some of which are completely free! We’ve got a few suggestions for free courses you can do online here. If you can’t go to university because you can’t afford it, then it might be a good idea to look into distance learning since you’d be able to study part-time while you work.

Explore the world of work

It may seem a little daunting at first, but getting a job after matric could be a good idea if you can’t further your studies because you can build a resumé of work experience and save up to study while you’re at it. If this is what you’re planning to do, then you’ll need to have a decent CV — good thing we can help with that here — and internet connection so you can send applications online. You’ll also need to prepare for interviews, so here are a few tips.

Do some volunteer work

If you need help figuring out what it is that you want to study, then it might be beneficial to take up some volunteer work. You can do some research and approach organisations that are involved in something you’re passionate about, from environmental work to community building and health initiatives. Doing volunteer work can also increase your chances of getting a bursary or scholarship if you decide to apply to university later on.

Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur?

In South Africa, about 51% of entrepreneurs are young people. This means that a lot of youth and teens are seeing gaps in the market and taking full advantage of these opportunities. Could you be one of them? Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try your hand at starting up your own business. Just remember that this is anything but glamorous, and will take a lot of hard work and self-motivation. You may need to find yourself a mentor that’ll give you some advice and guidance about running your own business.

Don’t let financial limitations and late registrations stop you from doing something worthwhile with your time. We hope these tips have given you a bit of a nudge in the right direction for you this year.

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