So your bestie’s at a different school and you’re probably thinking about transferring to that school just so that you can be together again? We don’t blame you - but what if we told you it’s not all doom and gloom? Here’s how you can keep the friendship going.

Take up a hobby together

Whether it’s a weekly yoga class, hiking or an art class, it’s a great idea to take up something new together. That way you’ll be able to see each other frequently and still do the things you both enjoy.

Schedule video calls

If your friend’s living in another city, a good way to stay in touch is through video call. You can schedule weekly or monthly calls to catch up and find out how they’re doing. It’s really important to show interest in what they’re doing now and to keep them updated on your life. This will help you both feel like you’re still a part of each other’s lives even though you no longer see each other every day.

You’ve got to communicate

If, for any reason, you find that you’re feeling neglected, it’s extremely important to tell your friend how you feel and why. Make sure that this is done in a way that’s kind and at the appropriate time so that they don’t feel attacked. It’s also good to understand that sometimes people are busy and even your schedules may clash in some instances. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you, though.

Try not to be jealous of their new friends

Your BFF is bound to make some new friends at her new school and she’s going to mention them in conversations. Be accepting of this and understand that your friend having new friendships doesn’t mean they care about you any less. Also, if possible, we think it’d be a great idea to make an effort to meet their new friends - you might find that you all get along in the end.

We never want to imagine not being able to see our besties for long periods of time, but as we grow and move through school, things do change. It may be sad, but we have to stay prepared for change, embrace growth and work on relationships we’d like to keep.

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