Transitioning from study to work life can be tough if you’re fresh out of school or varsity- that’s why we want to give you a few differences you can expect to face when you take the leap.

More responsibility

When you’re a student, your responsibilities have to do with submitting your assignments on time and doing well in exams. Any additional work or activities you take on for extra credit are optional and overall, you have quite a lot of free time to enjoy yourself when you aren’t studying. Work is a different story, and responsibilities can quickly pile up if you don’t manage them and stay organised.

More freedom

Once you get into the working world, you’ll learn that you have a lot more independence and freedom. For starters, you have the power to leave a job you don’t like. Of course, this depends on your financial situation and other factors. However, knowing that you have the option of changing your work environment gives you far more freedom than you had when you were in school.

Another aspect of freedom at work is that you have more of a voice, regardless of your age. Again, this depends on where you’re working but for the most part, in work environments you are your own person, and you can express that in a lot more ways than you could when you were at school.

More negotiation

Unlike in school or varsity where the rules and benefits are the same for every student, in the working world, you have the power to negotiate your contract and your terms of employment such as salary, medical aid, etc. That’s why it’s important for you to learn some negotiation basics before you even sign your first employment contract, as it’s a valuable skill to have in order to get what you need.

Work doesn’t stop

When you’re studying, your assignments are over once you’ve handed them in and exams end once you’ve written all of your papers. However, at work, projects are ongoing and never really “end”. This can feel a bit overwhelming at first, if you’re used to submitting a task and never re-visiting it again. But, what’s nice about working on one project for an extended period of time is that it gives you valuable experience and eventually, expertise in a certain field.

Things aren’t as straight-forward

School and varsity are pretty simple when it comes to what you need to do in order to get good marks. You get detailed instructions for assignments and exams, and your efforts are measured clearly by percentages every term. At work, on the other hand, your responsibilities can fluctuate depending on the time of year and so many other factors. Some months you may need to put in many hours of work, while other months can be the opposite. You can be tasked with unfamiliar projects, and you’re expected to perform well even if the details of the project aren’t clear.

The working world is very different from the world of study, but it isn’t something to be afraid of. You have a lot more freedom, but more responsibility as well. If you ever need confidential advice during this time, you can always reach out to us for free on Ask CellCgirl. Also, don’t forget to stay updated with CellCgirl on social media for updates on our latest articles and resources for young professionals. Good luck!

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