She’s starred in shows like Casey Undercover on the Disney channel, and recently landed a role on the Spiderman movie. Raised by two school teachers, Zendaya Coleman is passionate about educating the world on various issues, while showcasing her talents on the big screen. Here’s why she’s this week’s fave.

Fun Fact

When it comes to her lifestyle choices, Zendaya says that she rarely did intensive exercise until she was cast for her second movie role, where she played a trapeze artist. Zendaya’s also open about her choice to become vegetarian in her teens based on her disdain for cruelty towards animals, which she witnessed during a visit to a slaughter house.

How She Glows

In an interview with Zendaya about how she manages to have flawless skin, she says she swears by face masks to help with her acne prone skin. If you’re worried you might not be able to try out some face masks because they can be a little bit pricy - no worries. You can make your own at home by mixing some ginger with rooibos or chamomile tea and a tablespoon of honey.

Steal Her Style

Zendaya’s style is effortless and versatile, she’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to what she wears. We’ve seen her rock an Aaliyah-inspired look one day, and show up to the Oscars in side-swept faux locs the next. So if you’re looking to be daring and expressive in your choice of clothing, she’s definitely the person you should look to for inspiration.

Why She’s a Flame

“The one thing I think everybody should have is belief in their own power.”

Zendaya isn’t just an actress and singer, she’s also a humanitarian, who speaks up against issues like racism and gender inequality. For her 21st birthday last year, she ran a charity drive to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey in the US. What’s more, she’s a firm advocate of being yourself and trusting that there’s nothing you can’t achieve with hard work and self-belief, which is evident in her many achievements at such a young age.

From Disney child star to fearless speaker and fashionista, Zendaya has shown that she isn’t afraid to challenge the norm and dance to her own tune. We’re totally here for it!

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