The fierce Rihanna is a force to be reckoned with. Want to know how she glows both inside and out? Read on to find out!

Fun fact

Rihanna has said in the past that she isn’t a fan of old-fashioned exercise, because she gets bored with routines. That’s why she prefers to switch up her fitness routine in order to keep herself excited and motivated. We don’t often consider our personalities when setting up an exercise plan, but it’s important to know what kinds of activities we enjoy so we can make staying healthy less of a chore and more of a treat.

How she glows

Staying hydrated is one of the main ways which Rihanna claims helps her keep her skin looking fresh and glowing. She says that cutting back on alcohol consumption, as well as drinking plenty of water, has helped her maintain her healthy complexion.

Rihanna also prefers using more natural products on her skin (with less preservatives and chemicals), according to her professional make-up artist. This helps her sensitive skin look healthy and avoid irritation.

Steal her style

Rihanna is known for her daring and experimental style. She’s also super versatile, rocking a sporty outfit one day and slaying in a glamorous gown the next. The best part about her taste in fashion is that she has fun with it and isn’t shy to own her look- after all, fashion is all about confidence and attitude!

Why she’s a flame

Rihanna is known to show her fans tons of love, and has a friendly, down-to-earth attitude. She also listens to her inner voice and follows her passions (such as her passion for make-up leading her to launch Fenty beauty). She also regularly gets involved with charities and foundations- she also created the Believe Foundation which helps terminally ill children.

She managed to overcome the domestic abuse she went through in 2009, with strength and grace. Above all else, she stays true to herself and overcomes the tough times, coming back better and stronger every time.

“I'm really looking forward to seeing what life brings to me.” Rihanna

Rihanna shows us that it’s ok to be perfectly imperfect; to make mistakes and grow from them. Her attitude represents the importance of hard work and achieving your dreams, but also staying humble and friendly, and not allowing the darkness in the world to dim your shine.

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