2018 was a big year for actress, model and TV personality Nomzamo Mbatha, who’s been setting the South African entertainment industry on fire! How does she manage to do it? Read on to find out!

Fitness Fact

According to Women’s Health Magazine, Nomzamo felt she needed to get into shape after her unhealthy lifestyle at varsity went too far. Staying at res often means skipping out on exercise, unhealthy, processed foods and take-aways galore - Nomzamo admits that she too went through this struggle! To curb those bad habits, she cut down on “red meat, dairy, carbs and sugar.” In addition to that, she quit takeaways completely. When it comes to her favourite exercises, she credits pilates for helping tone her body. And how does she stay motivated to exercise every day? She always keeps her dream body in mind of course!

How She Glows

As the official face of Neutrogena, Nomzamo takes her skincare seriously- but that doesn’t mean her routine is overly long or complicated. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, her healthy glow can be attributed to a simple 3-step, 5-minute routine. For step 1, she washes her face with a gel cleanser. Step 2 is to apply a hydrating lotion which has SPF25 to protect her skin from air-pollution and harmful UV rays. Her third and final step is adding a gel cream to her under-eye area and cheekbones for a fresh appearance despite her hectic schedule!

Steal her Style

Nomzamo isn’t afraid to stand out with bold and colourful prints. Despite not being afraid of the spotlight, her style is still elegant and she’s mindful of choosing outfits that compliment her body and features in the most flattering way possible.

The other side to her style is that she isn’t afraid to use it in order to make a statement. For example, her famous graduation dress made waves earlier this year. The garment wasn’t just beautiful - it was a bold message about perseverance and a way for her to tell her story and raise awareness about issues which are close to her heart- suicide prevention and mental health. This message resonated with the nation, and started a much needed conversation around an important topic.

Why she’s a Flame

From her dazzling smile, you’d never tell that Nomzamo’s life has had its fair share of ups as well as devastating downs. However, her perseverance and hard work have helped her transcend any obstacles in her way, and her positive attitude has carried her through the hardest of times. She’s also not a quitter - having even returned to university to complete her degree after initially having to drop out. "Never bow to the nay-sayers who say you will never amount to anything, because you will. Your ability to rise, overcome and conquer is your superpower."  Nomzamo’s ability to see an opportunity in every situation is why she’s such an inspiration to us, as well as a total Summer Flame! It’s hard not to be inspired by her dazzling personality and positive attitude.

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