She played T’Challa’s feisty younger sister, Shuri, in the epic Black Panther movie in 2018. She’s also an amazing theatre actress and a huge inspiration. She’s Letitia Wright, and here’s why she’s this week’s summer flame.

Fun fact

Letitia was born in South America, in the coastal country of Guyana, but her parents moved to the United Kingdom when she was just seven years old. At twenty-five, she really racked up that cash money since she was named the highest Box Office Earning Actor of 2018.

How she glows

Letitia’s skincare routine is really simple. She told Vogue that she exfoliates daily since she’s got oily skin and her pores tend to get really clogged, and then she puts on some moringa oil — which she swears by! She also puts the moringa oil in her hair so it grows strong and healthy. Letitia also added that she drinks loads of water everyday, which really keeps her hydrated and her skin glowing.

Steal her style

When it comes to makeup, our girl keeps it simple with a bit of foundation and a touch of mascara. Letitia’s taste in fashion is one you can easily mimic since she’s into futuristic, minimalist looks that aren’t too high maintenance. She likes to keep her hair natural and always on-trend. Remember the cool suit she wore to the premiere of the movie Avengers: Infinity War? We do too, it was a trendsetter with its classic menswear style and a dash of ballet. We stan!

Why she’s a flame

“I'm just a young girl trying to fulfil the purpose that's been placed in my heart to do.”

We love Letitia’s passion and the fact that she’s had the confidence to speak about her battle with depression and anxiety. She’s relied on her spiritual journey and self-expression through acting to heal and cope with her mental illness. Letitia also speaks about believing in herself and the gift she’s got to offer the world — something we can all learn from.

It’s no secret that Letitia Wright made 2018 her year. With her humour, passion and infinite style, this girl is without a doubt the definition of a flame!

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