Who would’ve thought that a girl from a small town called Walsall in the UK would have people all over the world jamming to her music? Well, Jorja Smith’s success story has us feeling all kinds of inspired. Here’s why she’s this week’s summer flame.

Fun Fact

Jorja wrote her first song, ‘Life Is A Path Worth Taking’, at the age of 11. She’s always been passionate about music and songwriting. In fact, it kind of runs in her blood since her father was also the lead vocalist in a band a few years ago. Now, at 21, Jorja’s given us hits in her debut album ‘Lost and Found’.

How she glows

This girl isn’t too crazy about makeup and believes in taking care of her skin. Jorja’s got sensitive dry skin that she keeps moisturised using a hydrating face serum as well as under-eye cream and vitamin E enriched moisturiser. Jorja also uses castor oil to keep her lashes and eyebrows lush and healthy.

Steal her style

We love Jorja’s free-spirited, cool-kid style that’s both rebellious and trendy. She does track pants and crop top like no one else, and can go from casual to dressed up effortlessly. She’s also all about long braids, dark lips and minimal makeup, with her fearless attitude as her biggest accessory. You can totally steal her style by drawing outfit inspiration from the likes of Aaliyah and a touch of Amy Winehouse’s ‘don’t care’ outlook.

Why she’s a flame

“We are all beautiful in our own individual and special ways.”

Jorja is all about spreading love and using the little moments in life to inspire her art. She makes music from her experiences and has worked at making a success of herself since she was in school. In fact, Smith’s smash hit ‘Blue Lights’ has made waves and documented musically the issue of police brutality after she witnessed her friends dabble in crime. She’s gone from Star Bucks barista to famous songstress through perseverance, hard work and undeniable talent. Jorja is certainly an example of how applying yourself and your skills to a vision will ultimately bring you closer to your dreams.

We love a queen who slays in her lane and lets her light shine on others at the same time. Jorja Smith does this effortlessly by writing hits, spreading love and being unapologetic about her individuality.

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