Want to become an influencer? Read this first

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Who wouldn’t want to be an influencer? It looks like a glamorous job, where you can attend events and create fun content. The reality is that in every career, there are pros as well as cons. Here are a few.

Pro- Turn passion to profit

As an influencer, you can make money doing something you love and are interested in. Many of the influencers you see, are successful because they’re doing something they don’t mind staying up late to do. Think about your passions and stick to them. Don’t be pressured to do what’s trending for the sake of likes and clicks. Do what really gives you a thrill for life, and if people resonate with it, you can become a successful influencer in that space.

Pro- Paid brand partnerships

Influencers of a certain size or level are can get paid partnerships with different brands. How much you get paid will depend on what value you bring to the table, the work you agree to provide for them and how you negotiate your contract.

You may need to learn skills such as developing a proposal for brand partnership, and knowing how to negotiate your price for projects.

Pro- Flexible working hours

Because being an influencer isn’t a typical 9-5, you’ll probably be able to determine how and when you work. You don’t have a boss that expects you to put in 8 hours of work everyday. You’ll also have control over the creative direction of your work, unless you’re creating branded or commissioned content.

Con- Poor job security

Most influencers go through months of no work at all. Nothing is promised and a lot of them send email after email to brands, hoping for a shot at a partnership. We advise that you don’t quit school or your job while you’re starting out. Rather, do this as a side hustle and learn the ropes before committing to being an influencer full-time.

Con- Income is dependent on popularity

How much you get paid usually depends on how may followers you have. Building your fanbase takes time, dedication and a lot of hard work. It may be months or even years before you really start getting well-paying jobs as an influencer.

Con- Can be demanding

Most influencers eventually take on this full-time, because it can be really demanding. You’ll also need to develop your online and social media skills to be a successful influencer, which involves staying on top of trends and learning as much as possible. If you’re still in school, it can be difficult for you to focus on both studies as well as being an influencer. But remember, your education is important and it’ll always provide you with something to fall back on.

Con- Mental health and privacy

Influencers face a lot of criticism and bullying online. Such comments can have a negative impact on your mental health. Another issue influencers face is a lack of privacy, hacking and even stalking. Online safety is very important for us all, but you especially need to be careful if you’re sharing parts of your life online. Here are some safety tips to remember.

If your influencer journey doesn’t work out, you can still explore a career in advertising, social media management and other creative industries. These careers involve creating exciting content, and sometimes even attending exclusive events and working with celebrities and big brands! Would you enjoy being an influencer? Share your thoughts with us on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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