So you’re studying law, and it’s less glamorous than an episode of Suits and is starting to feel more like cramming countless acts, subsections and case studies. Thankfully, we’ve come to your rescue with these 5 helpful online resources.

UCT Law @ Work

UCT Law @ Work is a place where you can get free study material as well as find free and paid short courses for South African law. In addition to these courses, this site is also a great way to stay in the know about events that are valuable for you to attend, as well as find links to online learning resources for Law.

The Law Students SA Facebook group

The Law Students SA Facebook group is a free group you can join which, according to its creators, is a place for South African Law students to help each other by sharing information, success stories, articles and engage in debates and discussions with one another. You can join the group here.

Legal Wise

Legal Wise have a very useful section on their site called Help Yourself, where they post news, case studies, law terminology and explanations of basic concepts every law student should be familiar with. You can even download legal document templates on this site, so be sure to check it out next time a legal concept has you stumped.

Law Society of South Africa

The Law Society of South Africa website is a must for South African law students who want to stay in the loop about emerging opportunities, upcoming events, statistics and so much more. Following the society on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages is also a convenient way to stay in touch with them, as well as do some online networking in the Law circles.

For more information on resources, clubs and programmes that are available to you as a Law student, be sure to check out this article by Kristen Wagner. Good luck!

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