Varsity hacks: 5 helpful Accounting resources

If you’re currently studying Accounting at a varsity level, we know you can never have enough study resources. Here are 5 free sites that’ll help you feel more confident in your classes, assignments and tests.

UCT’s Learn Accounting Programme

UCT’s Learn Accounting Programme is a free online programme where you can find high-quality accounting resources such as short concept videos and explanations. This programme is run by Accounting professors and professionals from UCT, WITS, Walter Sisulu University and others, so you know you’re getting accurate and valuable insights from the experts in South African accounting.

Accounting Coach is an incredibly helpful site where you can find clear explanations and “cheat sheets” for beginner and intermediate accounting concepts. You can also test your knowledge when you’re ready, using their fun word scrambles, quizzes and more.

Learn Accounting For Free is a site which, as the name would suggest, you can learn key accounting concepts for free. Their course is simple and straight-forward, and each section is explained using detailed videos that link to their glossary to help you get familiar with Accounting definitions and terminology.

Accounting Student Network

Accounting Student Network is a UK-based online network for Accounting students who are looking for study resources or just want to connect to other students and academics in the field. This site includes Accounting Masterclasses which are available to watch for free, as well as interesting news, tools and tricks to help you improve your skills.

Accounting Calculator by Yuki Muramatsu

The Accounting Calculator by Yuki Muramatsu is a free Android app you can download on your phone which helps you do some of the more complex calculations in Accounting. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android devices at the moment; however, you can download a free iOS alternative called Accountant Calc Universal Lite.

Accounting is an exciting field to go into, and despite the challenges it comes with, it’s good to remember your reasons for choosing to study it in the first place. If you’re looking for even more free study tools and resources, keep an eye out on our Downloads page - where we regularly post helpful templates and study guides. Good luck!

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