Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges are a great place to gain practical workplace skills, either after you’ve matriculated or in place of a matric certificate. There are lots of future-proof career paths you can pursue with a TVET qualification- here are a few to explore.

Finance, Economics and Accounting

The finance sector offers well-paying job positions for qualified young people who show potential. If you’re interested in Finance, Economics or Accounting, you can get qualifications in these fields by studying at a TVET college. Whether you’d like to become a financial analyst, planner, banker or bookkeeper, you can receive specialised training in colleges such as the South West Gauteng TVET College and Majuba College.


Marketing is a fast-paced, exciting field that’s hiring more and more young people with fresh ideas and digital skills. TVET colleges such as the South Cape TVET college and Central Johannesburg TVET college can teach you the theoretical and practical skills you need to succeed in the world of marketing.

IT and Computer Science

If you’re looking for a field that’ll continue to hire for years to come, look for further than Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science. There are many relevant job titles that fall into this category. But even if you don’t end up working in IT specifically, the world is going digital so having these skills under your belt will probably make you more employable in your field of choice.

Office Administration

The nature of office work might be changing, but office administration is still an in-demand skill. If you love organising, documenting and ensuring that things run smoothly, you can develop your natural talent by doing an Office Administration course at a TVET college.

Civil Engineering

Infrastructure is at the heart of our country’s economy, and in order for it to be built and maintained properly, civil engineers step in to oversee every project. If you love Engineering Graphics and Design, Technology, Maths and Physics, then this employable and exciting path could be for you.


New technologies are constantly changing, buy while robots might be taking over some factory jobs, they still need to be operated properly by human beings. This is what mechatronics is all about, so if you’re looking for a future-proof and in-demand skill, this one is for you.

The training that’s available at credible TVET colleges in South Africa can be the head start you need to begin a successful, future-proof career. For more information on how the TVET application process works, read this article. Good luck!

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